The phrase ‘Government guidelines‘ is now starting to annoy me as much as the word ‘unprecedented‘.

I liked the look of a 3 bedroom detached bungalow near my son.  It was in our price range, and I rang up to view it this morning.  Apparently Government guidelines state that we cannot look at a property without our own house being on the market.  I explained that we had already looked at several properties via different estate agents with no problem, and that we didn’t want to put our house on the market until we had made an offer on a place first.  However,  this particular person was adamant.  Why aren’t all these estate agents working from the same hymn sheet?

Sam asked me to book an appointment for him with my hairdresser at the same time as I have my hair cut, as his hair is so long that I can now put it in a top knot.  I rang her, and the reply was that she will open on July 6th as long as Government guidelines allow.  However, throughout this lock-down I have read of legions of hairdressers working ‘underground’ in London.  Perhaps I should try and find one of those!

I have a voucher that my son bought me for Mother’s Day for a VIP Tortoise Tour (I love the little creatures!) at Linton Zoo, which runs out on 30th June.  I rang up to book a tour for 27th June when I heard that zoos are re-opening on Monday.  The answer was that Government guidelines still decree the 2 metre social distancing rule, and so tours cannot go ahead just yet.  Surely it’s possible to be sensible, see the tortoises and stand 2 metres apart from somebody else?  It’s not rocket science, is it?

I received an email from our caravan site to inform us that they are on track to re-open on July 4th depending on… yes, you guessed it… Government guidelines.  Arrgh!  I wanted to scream when I read that!  At least 10 owners have been staying at our Park for the entire lock-down, as they refused to return to their main residences.

Thousands of people have been ignoring social distancing rules. On TV to give just two examples, we’ve seen them sitting on beaches in the ‘unprecedented’ May sunshine and protesting in very large numbers in various big cities.  Some MPs have flouted their own rules, because they’ve made themselves exceptions as they’re so important.  Come on Government, the R rate is below 1, and the 5 conditions they wanted to end lock-down have been met, so now is surely the time to update the bloody guidelines!