I missed this post back in 2016 by Jack Eason (Have We Had Help?),  but Jack re-published it again, and I’m glad I had a chance to read it.  I definitely agree with Jack’s theory that the ‘Zon ceased to promote Indie books back in September 2016. 

I read Jack’s post with interest and looked back at my monthly figures for August 2016.  I had sold 179 books in August 2016, but sure enough in September and for the rest of that year the amount of books sold started to fall away.  I calculated the average monthly book sales figure for 2016, which was 82.  In 2017 it dropped to 53, then for 2018 the figure was 32.  Last year the average sales per month was 29, and so far this year it is 15.

So Jack is right.  Something happened in September 2016 for sure that affected (and continues to affect) Indie authors’ sales.  I assume the ‘Zon prefer that we pay to advertise our books?  I haven’t paid nor will do so in the near future, as I realised long ago that Jack is correct when he states that only celebrities sell enough books to make a living out of writing.  So Indie authors… perhaps check out your own sales figures since August 2016?  Also please do check out Jack’s blog and click on his links to hopefully increase interest in his books.

Below I have left links to my Amazon author page too for anybody who would like to follow me or click out of interest on a book or two.  Also do leave a link to your own Amazon author page in the comments, and hopefully everybody who reads this post will click on one or two authors to boost recorded interest in their pages.  

Best wishes, from Stevie. x

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