Interesting post by Charles Yallowitz. Yes, the legacy of an Internet and iPhone addiction is definitely a shortened attention span. I’m not sure that there is a disinterest in books… it may be due to info I read on Jack Eason’s blog regarding Amazon possibly not advertising self-published authors’ books anymore. Who knows? All I do know is that I sell less books than I did in the boom year of 2016.

Legends of Windemere

Going to try hard not to jump on a high horse because I’m aware that I fall into this category too.  In fact, I think most people have lost part of their attention span and that makes selling books a lot harder.  With the Internet and streaming services, you get instant gratification when it comes to entertainment.  Add video games and all the apps on smartphones to the list as well.  You want a laugh?  A funny clip is at your fingertips.  Need to relax?  Apple has an app for that.  So, why do books have a problem with an impatient and easily distracted population?

Well, it takes a lot more effort to enjoy a book.  You only have to sit back and watch shows and movies.  Many people toss them on for background while doing something else, so they don’t even pay full attention.  There’s also a pause button…

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