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Have you ever let a story write you into a surprise corner? Do you backtrack or shift gears?

I think the most difficult book for me to write was ‘Examining Kitchen Cupboards‘.  It had more characters than in my other books, and also a main plot in England and then sub-plots in Jersey and Brazil.  I wrote up to where Linus and Desi sat snogging on a bench in Howard Davis Park, and then I left them to it for about eighteen months while I thought about how the story might carry on but mostly concentrated on writing something else.

The whodunnit/suspense novels for me are more difficult to write, but it’s great when the penny drops and you suddenly have a flash of inspiration regarding how the story is going to pan out.  I find the only thing to do when I have a mental block about a plot is not to backtrack or shift gears, but to walk away and leave the story alone.  Sooner or later I get the answer I need, usually about 05:30 when I wake up, as I’m sure my brain is more active then.

I did wonder whether I would ever finish ‘Examining Kitchen Cupboards’, but I hate to leave a manuscript unfinished and eventually my conscience nagged and it became a challenge to complete it.  I’m not one for taking the easy option, and had a great feeling of satisfaction when I finally typed ‘The End‘!

Here’s a 5 star review it received:

Stevie Turner never disappoints. From her fictional family sagas to her nonfiction, and mystery/thrillers, she knows how to keep a reader engaged. In this telling book, Turner takes us into a story, which begins with Jill Hayes – a college examinations admin whose curiosity leads to her discovery that something is awry with the exams given to high school students for their college entrance exams – the questions are much too junior for the high school age level students, making it a cinch for them to get accepted to college. As Jill delves deeper into the basis for such juvenile questions, her life becomes threatened and we’re taken into a whole other world of corporate greed at the expense of students’ education and government funding.

Jill’s personal investigations lead right to the higher ups involved in the ring, and through the unveiling of her findings, we are led into the private lives of these criminals and colorful characters, spreading beyond the discoveries into international crime, lies, affairs and ultimately, murder.

Based on a factual occurrence of the exam findings, this book had me engrossed on the topic itself, but Turner takes the situation to a whole new level with the plot and intrigue created in this story. A fun, short and engrossing read for a cozy thriller reading escape. – D.G Kaye

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