The weather isn’t too good today, but I managed to sit on the beach this morning and finish ‘The Missing‘ by Daisy Pearce.  This is a suspense/thriller in a similar vein to Mark Edwards’ books, where strange things happen to ordinary people (both authors coincidentally have the same publisher).

My 4 Star Review:

Eighteen years after her daughter Edie vanished,  Samantha Hudson is still searching for her.  Samantha and Edie did not always get along and Edie was a bit of a wild child, but Samantha is desperate to discover what happened to her. She last saw 15 year old Edie 18 years before, when she caught her in an intimate embrace with her boyfriend William Thorn.

Fast forward to the present, and William in the meantime has met and married  Frances.  Their marriage is in trouble, and  Frances is sure that  William is having an affair after checking his computer and seeing photos of another woman.  She also finds a picture of William taken years before with  Edie, the missing girl, and becomes increasingly interested in helping  Samantha find her daughter once she discovers William had been a past boyfriend of Edie’s.

This thriller has frequent flashbacks, a couple of red herrings, and a bit of a long-drawn out plot.  The ending could have been better, but overall it was a good read and kept me turning the pages.