Would I have succeeded at home-schooling my hyperactive child who was unable to sit still for any length of time? The answer is a resounding ‘no’ I think. However, I did manage to teach him to read and write and to play Chess and easy pieces on the piano over the 12 years I stayed at home, but to make him sit for regular lessons would have driven the pair of us quite mad.

Times and Tides of a Beachwriter

Parents across the world have had a unique experience, an experience that perhaps only parents in refugee camps and war zones would envy. But didn’t parents always home school children in the millennia before it was assumed all children should go to school? How to hunt mammoths, how to plough the fields and scatter, how to count sheep – yan, tan, tethera. But parents of old would not have had to cope with on line learning, nor would they have been trying to teach rebellious teenagers. Modern parents tearing their hair out in a pandemic may well have thought there’s a lot to be said for sending your eight year old out to work as a lonely goatherd or chimney sweep, or your awkward teenager into service at The Big House. It’s not that long ago that children left school at fourteen; my father’s first job was as a telegram…

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