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‘Do you draw your main characters so that a forensic sketch artist could put them on the cover, or do they belong to the reader?’

I must admit that I’m one for not giving away too much information.  I prefer to let readers make up their own minds and form a picture in their heads of a person.  I’ve been advised by agents in the past that readers prefer to use their imaginations rather than be given large amounts of descriptive passages.  I can understand this, as I also feel the same way.  I’ve been known to abandon books where everything is described to the nth degree (probably to increase the word count).

I give my cover designer descriptions of the main characters that I’d like portrayed, and she gives me a couple of samples to choose from (a previous publisher informed me that books sell better with pictures of real people on the cover) .  Therefore the faces of the characters are already there on the front cover for the reader to see anyway, so why do I need to describe every nook and cranny of their features?

Here’s a few of my covers below which depict real people and give the reader a head start, so to speak.  I’m going to ask Laura at LLPix Designs to think up a new front cover for my latest WIP ‘Barren’.  It’ll be interesting to see what she comes up with.

Do other blog-hoppers leave characters’ features to readers’ imaginations, or do they prefer more descriptive passages?  Please click on the blue button to find out:


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