Today here in East Anglia we are sweltering in 34 degree heat.  I did try to go out for a walk, but it was just too hot for me.  Just for once I took the easy option and came home and turned on the air conditioning!

Tomorrow we are due to visit Sam’s 90 year old mother for the first time since March.  She has been shielding at home, and only now has agreed to start venturing out.  However, in this heat I don’t think we are going to be able to travel far.  She lives near the Kent coast, and so I’m hoping that the sea breeze will make the air a little bit cooler.   We’ll take her out to lunch, but I fear 90 year olds in this kind of heat do not fare very well.  I expect all the beaches there will be packed anyway with nobody social-distancing, and so we’re going to give the likes of Margate, Ramsgate or Broadstairs a wide berth.

Sam and I don’t take to heat too well either.  Our house is full of fans, and an air-con unit works overtime during July and August.  People come to our house well prepared with jumpers and coats!  Strangely enough further south on the Isle of Wight the temperature is 10 degrees cooler, but unfortunately we’re not due to visit our van until 15th August for a week.

Us Brits aren’t used to 34 degree heat.  My cousin who lives in Riyadh has said in the past that it’s not unusual to see the thermometer at 50 degrees, and that people tend to go from one air-conditioned building to another or to their air-conditioned car.  At least over here we are generally able to get out and about in a more or less temperate climate.

I’ll be back on Monday after work (hope it’s cooled down a bit by then).  On Sunday we’re going to see our new little grandson for the first time.  Can’t wait!