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Do you hurry through a first draft, or are you conscious of flaws as they go down? Has that changed over time?

When I started to write my first novel ‘Mind Games’ (formerly ‘The Porn Detective’) I couldn’t wait to get it published.  I scribbled away frantically, convinced of course (as most newbies are) that I was writing the next bestseller, especially after the Susijn Agency considered it for publishing.  A couple of other agents were interested too, and suggested ways in which the novel could be improved before I re-submitted it to them.  However, I was so eager to self-publish it by then that I didn’t listen.  It took 3 years for me to see the error of my ways!

Over time I learned of mistakes I’d made with the first novel, and even the second and third.  I re-wrote all of them before I started on my fourth.  By this time I’d been on the learning curve for a couple of years, and started to take more time with each chapter.

The way I write is to edit each chapter as I go along, looking for example for repeated words, spelling or grammatical errors, too many adverbs or descriptions, or stilted dialogue.  I cannot face editing the whole book all at once, and prefer to work on each chapter as I write it.  Then I leave it alone for a few weeks.  After it’s out of my head I re-read the whole  book a few times to make sure the plot flows properly and that there are no ‘holes’.  In this way I don’t have to make several re-writes, as each chapter has probably been checked and re-written a few times anyway.  It suits me, and I prefer to work this way.

So yes, I used to hurry through writing a manuscript, but now I do not.  The world is not going to fall over backwards in awe just because I’ve written a book.   I work on the assumption that nobody gives a rat’s ass, and write one book per year to please myself. The next one, ‘Barren’, is done and waiting for a book cover.  I’ll put it out for pre-order towards the end of September; no launch, no fanfare of trumpets, and no spamming of every single social media site for weeks on end until everybody (including myself) is sick of the sight of it!

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