Please leave a link to whichever blog post you’d like to share this week.  You only need to read and comment on other blog posts if you want to – there are no mandatory rules here.  Live and let live, that’s my philosophy.  Do keep the blogs reasonably family friendly though.  If I see any nasties I will have to delete them!

Thanks to the bloggers who always take part and leave their links.  This Click & Run will run for a fortnight, as we’re back at the van tomorrow until September 19th, and Sam will be hogging the internet there because he has to work for the first week. Therefore posts from me will be rather sparse, apart from the scheduled BookFunnel promotions, which have to be published on a chosen date.

I expect this will be our last summer break before the days turn cooler, so we’re going to make the most of it as we lost out on 4 months of visits this year due to Covid.  There will be plenty of time to start a new novel when winter comes!