Although we’re both at the van, Sam has to work this week but I’m on holiday. Therefore during the day I’m left to my own devices while he toils away over a hot computer.

One job I love is cleaning the decking. We had our old decking re-fitted last week. It had been outside for 6 months and the fitters installed it in its original condition. When I saw the state of it on Saturday I wanted to cry. However, with a bit of TLC it ended up looking rather nice:

Today saw me in the swimming pool at 9am for the owners’ only session. This was rather lovely, as the kids have gone back to school. Therefore only myself and one other owner were in the pool. I had to dodge the conference camera on Sam’s computer as I swanned back in wearing my wet swimsuit (no changing rooms are open yet).

After that I had a walk down to Seagrove Bay. This is a workout in itself, as quite a bit of it is downhill going there and consequently uphill coming back.

The bit that’s flat, loved by horse riders and dog walkers.
Seagrove Bay, now there’s public loos there too!

This afternoon I’ve been chilling on the decking reading Phil Collins’ autobiography ‘I’m Not Dead Yet’. This is how I feel… I might be a bit long in the tooth, but I’m on the island I love, the sun is shining, and there’s plenty of life left in me yet!

I don’t feel like writing much at the moment – it’s too nice outside to want to look at a computer all day. I check my sites twice a day, and that’s enough for now. Thanks to those who have pre-ordered my latest book – your support is much appreciated!