So now from Monday we’re not allowed to socialise in groups of more than six in England, due to many 20 and 30 somethings taking no notice of social distancing and gathering en masse in the arduous task of finding a life partner.

And an arduous task it is indeed. One must frequent many bars, clubs restaurants and music venues in this undertaking. Let’s face it; we’ve all done this in our teens and twenties in the vain hope of catching the eye of a soul mate. However, in this Covid day and age, the law states that from Monday the young will have to wait a few more months to find Mr/Miss Right unless they can find them amongst the 5 others they’re stuck with all night.

But will they wait? The closer the twenty somethings get to thirty something and therefore a louder tick of the biological clock, the more lonely and desperate they will become, and the more likely they are to flout the social distancing rules. Boris can lay down the law, but for the young who want to settle down with their own families time is of the essence, and subsequently it will also be time to make themselves an exception to the rule.

There will be parties galore in private houses, just as there have been during lockdown. That special date arranged with the attractive guy/girl last week will take place no matter what. Boris is ignoring the most basic need; that of a young person to find a partner. Hormones are rife, and he will not be able to stop young people meeting up. They will find a way.

Therefore we will likely have a second wave of Covid, when many young people come home from socialising with others they don’t know very well, and then possibly infect the rest of their families. Deep joy. Thank goodness my sons ran the gamut of bars and nightclubs back in the 1990s. One is up to his ears in nappies, and the other one plays Dad’s taxi to his eldest daughter who has just had blonde highlights in her hair in the vain hope of attracting a life partner…