Okay, so a second wave of Covid has struck because we’re all getting a little too complacent. Some counties in the north are in full lockdown already, but Boris and Matt (does he only have one pink tie?) are reluctant to enforce a shut-down of the whole of England.

When the first wave struck in March I was aghast and stopped work immediately. This time I find that I don’t actually feel unsafe at work. I don my mask as soon as I approach the hospital, but take it off when I arrive at my office. Today there was only myself and one other person in the large room where I work. The windows were open, and I remembered to attack my keyboard with a disinfectant wipe before I started typing. Hand sanitisers are plentiful, and I aim to carry on working this time.

Covid is not going away any time soon, and it’s time to grit our teeth, live with it and get on with our lives. It would be disastrous for an already ravaged economy if the country had to close up again. Covid is going to be with us probably forever – just as the common cold and influenza are. It’s up to us to avoid situations where it might be possible to catch the virus, for instance in crowded pubs, clubs or arenas.

The Government is faffing and dithering about what we should or should not do. We’re now reduced to groups of 6 and small weddings, funerals and christenings of only 30 people. My newest grandson will be christened on 11th October. We will wear our masks in church and sit socially distant on pews in our family ‘bubbles’.

I refuse to be a hermit and stay fearful at home. I work two or three days per week, and shop early morning when the supermarket is not busy. I visit my hazmat-suited and masked dentist, and I have my hair cut and coloured every 5 weeks. Life has to go on, and we have to be mindful and learn to live with an ever-present Covid, otherwise life will not be worth living at all!