Today on Sunday Stills the topic is ‘Water Droplets‘.

Back in August I decided to take this rather sad photo of our unused chairs and table on the front part of our new caravan’s decking, after two successive days of rain.

Here’s another sad and rainy sight – the same table and an unused BBQ on our old decking:

Thankfully in the early part of September we had 14 days there of unbroken sunshine. However, it looks as though autumn has set in now, and so it’ll soon be time to close the van down for the winter. I always hate doing that job, but as I’m basically an optimist I’ll look forward to going back there when the weather warms up again.

To cheer you up, below is the decking from our old van in the hot sunshine, so that you can see the difference. Two of my grandchildren complete the picture.

Can’t wait to go back – rain or shine!