What is your favorite fruit dish? Can you share a recipe for it? Do you include food in your stories? While we’re talking about food, pumpkin, yea or nay?

I’m not really a foodie. I don’t like cooking, and hate spending any more time in the kitchen than I need to. I eat plain food, lean meat and lots of steamed vegetables, that cook themselves and leave me to get on with other things (such as writing) while they’re cooking.

Therefore my favourite fruit dish would be a piece of fruit that I can take from the fridge, and this piece of fruit would be an orange.

Oranges have so much goodness in them. They are full of Vitamin C which helps stave off colds and ‘flu by boosting the immune system. Oranges help to prevent skin damage and keep blood pressure under check. They lower cholesterol, control blood sugar, and lower the risk of certain cancers. My mother swore by them and ate her daily orange for at least 82 of her 92 years, allowing for extreme youth and the privations of war.

No, I don’t want to damage all these properties by cooking the orange in a fat-laden pie or in something else that buggers it up – I just want to eat it as it is! This also goes for bananas, which contain potassium which is good for the heart. Oranges and bananas are my favourite fruits. Kiwis are a kind of super-fruit with oodles of goodness in them, and I like kiwis too.

As for pumpkins, I don’t eat them myself, but I abhor the waste of them at Hallowe’en. Sorry that you might want to learn new recipes, but unfortunately as usual I’m out on a limb so you won’t discover any by talking to me as I’ve never cooked from a recipe, don’t ever intend to, and prefer to eat unadulterated fruit and veg the way Mother Nature intended. I only ever give dinner parties on Christmas Day when it’s my turn (oh joy, it’s my turn this year), and so far I haven’t poisoned the family yet! However, you might find some delicious recipes by clicking on the link below. Good luck!


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