There are now more patients in hospital in England with Covid-19 than when the pandemic first kicked in early in March. The virus is also spreading from the young to the old – the latter are most at risk from the virus. The Nightingale hospitals are on red alert. There are 13,972 new infections today in England, and there have been 42,875 deaths so far.

Boris has announced his 3-tier system today to hopefully reduce infection rates, starting from Wednesday. It all makes much sense, but he hasn’t taken the most important factor into consideration … ignorance.

There are some young people, and also to some extent those who will suffer the most restrictions, who are not keen on anything that will curtail their freedom or their social lives. We’ve all seen them dancing in the streets, ignoring social distancing, and not wearing masks. However, what do they do when they catch the virus and suffer lung problems … they head straight to hospital! Generally, these are the people who tend to spread the virus throughout the population, and who will also further rob publicans and restaurant owners and the like of their livelihoods when hospitality businesses are forced to close again later this week.

The anger I feel against these ignorant people is overwhelming. We are surely in for a long, miserable winter of discontent.