I saw this promo on BookFunnel and decided to add one of my own ‘Coming -of-Age’ books to it – ‘Alys in Hunger-Land‘. There are 26 FREE books and samples in the promo for young adults to check out, although the rules are that they don’t have to be totally clean reads. The promo runs until the end of October:


Alys Linford, 18, is depressed. She has become as fat as her mother, and hates it that the pair of them spend their days just sitting on the sofa, watching TV, and eating junk food. As another new year begins, she is determined to lose weight and find a boyfriend. She joins a slimming club and starts exercising, much to her mother’s disgust.

Will Alys lose half her body weight and find romance, or will she be forever doomed to follow her mother’s terrible diet and lifestyle?


Here is a 5 star review on Amazon.co.uk by Ellen Best on 1/11/18:


Another good read by this Author.

Verified Purchase

I loved it all. Couldn’t put it down until the end. You may laugh a lot … but keep the handkerchief near.