There’s a series on TV at the moment going backstage at the Savoy hotel on the Strand. I was interested in it at first, but as I watched more of it I couldn’t help but feel a faint disgust.

On one hand we have the footballer Marcus Rashford trying to get the Government to fund free school dinners for disadvantaged and hungry children in the school holidays, and on the other hand we have florists at the Savoy creating a £1000 bouquet of roses. Businesses are going to the wall left, right and centre, but you can stay in a suite at the Savoy with a butler service for a mere £15,000 per night.

Kitchen staff at the Savoy who prepare food for one of the restaurants owned by that chef who swears all the time live in fear of their jobs. Out he flounces from his taxi and screams blue murder if the new haddock bake (in his opinion) doesn’t taste like haddock. Instead of throwing out the haddock bake, why not donate it to the homeless? Also, why not test it on interested clientele to discover if the chef who swears all the time might actually be wrong?

There are many destitute people lined up in sleeping bags along the Strand who would wolf down a haddock bake if the hotel guests don’t like it either; I know, because I’ve seen them for myself. The chef who swears all the time needs several lessons in people management. I’m sure he’d get the best out of his staff if they weren’t so terrified of him. Would he have liked somebody screaming at him when he was a non-celebrity all those years ago?

I think in this current climate it’s most inappropriate to show a programme about a hotel steeped in excess when people have been made redundant and are fighting to stay afloat. The reformed and re-baked haddock bake would probably be on the menu for a terribly exorbitant price anyway, because as you know, the £15,000 per night room doesn’t include food. Housekeepers (no- we’re not servants, darling) bow and scrape to the moneyed elite. Ugh – it’s absolutely gross.

I really cannot watch another one of these programmes in the series. It raises my blood pressure too much!