Victoria Zigler, a guest blogger on Hugh’s Views & News, kindly encouraged me to share my ghostly experiences, and so here goes…

The top floor flat I lived in with my parents as a young child was above what is now a café at 819 Commercial Road, Poplar. The café used to be a branch of Barclays Bank back in the 1960s, and I’ve just found out it is now a listed building by looking for a picture of it. Here’s a link to what it looks like now, courtesy of http://www.britishlistedbuildings.co.uk. I don’t have any personal photos of where I lived from 1960 – 1964.

The first floor windows were bank offices. My mother used to clean the offices and the bank itself. Dad worked in Barclays Bank in the City, but received a lower rent for looking after the bank when it was unoccupied.

Anyway, my bedroom in this flat was always very cold. I was about 5 when I became aware that my bed was lifting up from the floor slightly and shaking, which is rather unsettling when you are in it! I would dive under the bedclothes and wait until the bed was on terra firma again. Being only 5 years old I suppose I took this strange activity as normal and never bothered telling my parents.

It was only many years later that my mum told me how she would make my bed when I was at school, but even though she was the only one in the flat at the time, the imprint of a body would more often than not mark itself on the bedspread. She gave up trying to tidy the bed after a while and accepted it as normal.

We had no pets, but quite frequently I would see ghosts of dogs running down the passageway and disappearing into the broom cupboard. Friends of my parents moved in after we moved out in 1964, and they eventually found out that somebody had committed suicide in my bedroom after suffering similar paranormal experiences. Ooh- er…

When we moved to a bungalow (also in Poplar) when I was 7, the spooky activity stopped. I remember being rather relieved when my bed stopped shaking. However…

I think this childhood experience must have started a lifelong interest in the paranormal. I’ve visited many clairvoyant mediums and have received messages from deceased relatives that only they and myself would have understood, and so no way could the mediums have made any of the messages up. At low points in my life when I’ve asked the Spirit world for help, they have always come through for me and let me know that they’re there.

The most unlikely place to see a ghost was in my previous caravan on the Isle of Wight. I passed by the en-suite toilet, and there was a small boy standing at the sink. I doubled back in surprise, but he had gone. Who he was I’ll never know, but the new caravan seems to be free of ghostly occupants so far.

I know it’s difficult to believe any of this unless it happens to you, but I’m convinced that there’s another life after this one. It’s just out of reach around the corner and unfortunately you have to be dead to get in, but sometimes I think some of the inhabitants are able to come back to our world. Let’s face it, their world can’t be any worse than what we’re going through here at the moment!