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‘Is humour an important element is your stories? Do you ever laugh at something you’ve written?’

Life’s one long laugh for me most of the time, because it’s better that way. I try not to take anything too seriously anymore, and can find humour in many situations where perhaps others cannot. I’m a terrible giggler, and I’ll give you an example:

I don’t usually attend church services, but on this occasion my son and his fiancee were having their marriage banns read for the third time and he wanted us to be there. We started to sing the first hymn, but behind us there was somebody singing who was also very tone deaf, very loud, and totally out of tune. My son and I are quite musical. I looked at him, he looked at me, and that was it; we started giggling. I pretended to blow my nose to try and disguise the fact that I’d ‘lost it’, but those few minutes were agonising. My shoulders shook in silent eruption, causing the rest of the family to lose it as well.

Anyway, I digress… yes, humour is very important to me, as life would be quite miserable without it. I try and add it into all my books at some point or another. People have commented how the humour I added to ‘A Rather Unusual Romance‘ balanced out the seriousness of Erin and Alan’s health problems. I’ll give you a couple of examples below from the book:


“Darlin’, ‘elp me.”  Tommy Beale appeared from the side room and made his way towards Erin.

            “Not this side of the desk, Mr Beale.  You know that.”  Erin waved the elderly man away.

            “Sorry darlin’.  Can you ‘elp me? Can you ‘elp me, darlin’?” He shuffled to the front of the desk.

            “Yes, I can help you. But before I do, let’s get one thing straight. I’m not your darling………okay?”  She picked up a white board marker and rose to her feet.

            There was a short pause while this information was digested.  Finally Tommy nodded at Erin.

            “I know that, darlin’, but can you ‘elp me?” 


            The penis made a faint, almost imperceptible slapping noise as it fell on the desk in front of her. She had been trying to concentrate on filing continuation sheets correctly into a set of discharged patient’s notes, but her recent visit to the GP surgery had started to prey on her mind.  However, when she looked up, her train of thought was lost completely.

            “George; where are your pyjamas?”  She suppressed a grin.

            “Errr……..”  George Riley shook his head, with a hangdog expression on his face.

            She signalled to Trixie, one of the health care assistants.

            “Trix; we have a problem here!” 

            “So I see!” 

            Erin tried to keep a straight face as she watched Trixie expertly grab a hospital gown from the clean linen trolley and pop it over George’s head.

            “I expect Mr Beale has had another of his little attacks.” She whispered conspiratorially.

            “Yes, I found three sets of pyjamas under his bed yesterday morning.”  Trixie smiled. “Come on George, let’s go.”

            Erin watched George’s departing back as he trailed a thin stream of urine behind him.  Two familiar figures appeared in her peripheral vision and began to advance towards the desk.

            “Can you ‘elp me, darling?”

            “Tommy, did you take George’s pyjamas?”

            “’Elp me, ‘elp me.”

            “Where do I wait for the next train to Bromley-by-Bow?” Rosie, naked except for a soiled incontinence pad on her head, stood patiently beside Tommy Beale.

            “Trix; what’s going on here this afternoon?”  She shouted over the ringing phone, as a harassed Trixie came hurrying towards Rosie.

            “We’re short-staffed.  There’s just me and Sonia for three bays!”

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