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Do you like reading short stories and novellas? If so, these 20 General Fiction, Mystery and Suspense stories on BookFunnel might be right up your street:


My paranormal novella ‘Finding David’ is part of this promotion, and you will be able to download a free sample if you click on the link above.

Paranormal Novella

Finding David‘ audio book climbed as high as number 53 in the (purchased) ‘Ghost/Horror Fiction‘ category on September 29th 2020. Here’s a 5 star review below by Richard Dockett on 21/7/19:

A medium, a message and a mystery. The perfect ingredients for a very clever and well written short story. It reaches to the heart of everything. Not just, how can they know? and how can it be true? but – what does it mean if they are?

There’s always the danger, in a short story, that the plot is rushed, or the action condensed. Nothing like that happens here, this is a well written and well thought out tale.

Not to give too much away, but this story had me reading quickly, it’s very cleverly put together, with the end of every chapter leaving you desperate to turn the page. The theme is familiar, the desperate, overpowering need to know.

Karen needs to know what happened to David, Rae, the medium, says that she has the answers. Mick is sceptical. Then things get really interesting, as motives and secrets are revealed.

The writing is crisp and the description accurate, the characters are well-drawn. You can feel a certain emotion towards one character, then after a few more pages, shift it to another as the plot unfolds. The issues are not clear cut, although at the start you may be forgiven for thinking that they are. As the story develops the skill of the writer at leading you along a twisted path becomes more obvious. The ending is very satisfying, making me want to read more stories about the medium (I’m sure she has lots of interesting ones to tell), perhaps in a series of her own.

I have no hesitation in giving this story 5 stars.