Hi all, and welcome to this week’s Open Book Blog Hop. Today’s topic is:

Has the pandemic affected your writing? If so, how? Have your writing habits changed in reaction to the ‘different’ world we are faced with?

The weather was gorgeous over here in the East of England during the first lockdown, and I confess that I did not sit at my computer as much as I usually do. I was more interested in getting out in the sunshine after a long winter and walking around the fields and lanes surrounding my village.

However, during lockdown I did start and indeed finish a novel. ‘Barren’ was my lockdown baby, and with a bit of effort I managed to write over 50,000 words. You can read an excerpt below. I’m still waiting for reviews from the 11 people who have bought it so far, but as soon as I receive a review I’ll add it here.

Now we are in a second lockdown. The weather is not so good, and so I am more inclined to sit at my computer. I have started a new novel, and have written up to Chapter 7 so far.

Has the pandemic affected my writing? Er… not really, because I still only write when I want to. I’ll probably be most productive during January and February, but after that… hey, our holiday park opens again and I’ll be off to the van!

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