This morning I heard on the news that the National Audit Office discovered that £18 billion worth of Covid contracts had been awarded to firms recommended by MPs, peers and ministers.

The Government’s Old Boy network is cronyism personified. These Old Etonians and Old Harrovians and the like already know who is going to supply the NHS with personal protective equipment. They inform their old public school chums, who now are rich businessmen and who might like to apply, and so the favoured few already have their snouts in the trough and have eaten all the goodies before Joe Public even gets wind of anything lucrative. Money goes to money. One businessman paid £100 to open up a new business account, and the next day was awarded one of the above contracts worth about £20m.

Thankfully though the Good Law Project will be taking the guilty to court, and so they should. However, this type of behaviour is rife throughout the corporate world.

Sam works for an American company, which shall be nameless and which I shall call A for ease of explanation. They supply specialist equipment to other companies, for example B & C. In reality, B & C want to buy their equipment from A, but they are forced by law to put out tenders for the work. However, in order to ensure that only A is their supplier, they word their tenders very carefully so that in fact only A can supply the goods and therefore win the tender.

Hospital A wants a particular consultant for the job, a Dr D, but is forced by law to advertise. Dr B & and Dr C apply as well as Dr D, but surprise suprise, Dr D gets the job. It happens, believe me.

Unfair trading with regards to the top jobs goes on and on ad infinitum. The lower echelons of the corporate ladder at least have a chance of being taken on according to their merits, but the top jobs are already taken. Don’t even bother to apply if you haven’t been to a top public school and therefore do not have the right connections!