Thanks to Clive for this amusing post on selfies. It seems selfies are the in-thing these days. We must all post pictures of ourselves on social media doing mundane things just in case anybody in Cyberworld gives a rat’s ass…

Take It Easy

The ever-reliable Timehop has reminded me of a post I wrote five years ago today. I have shared it again since then, but as that was in June 2018 I’m guessing that most of the active current followers won’t have seen it before, so it’s probably ripe for re-recycling. It’s one I rather liked too, so here goes, with an edited and expanded version:


Do you ever feel like getting it all off your chest? Like having a really good rant? Yes, other forms of release are available, but ranting does have its uses. I’m a fairly mild person, so my ranting is probably akin to Dennis Healey’s description of being attacked by Geoffrey Howe: like being savaged by a dead sheep. But I feel a mild rant coming on…..

You cannot fail to have noticed the trend in recent years for people taking selfies. These vary from the…

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