Apparently the Government believe significant numbers of people will ignore any attempt to ban gatherings over the Christmas period.

Really? How many studies did it take to come to that conclusion, lol? Let’s face it, people have had to be apart from their families for many months during this year. They have presents to deliver and receive, and there is only so much social isolation they can take.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had conversations with many people at work recently and I’ve yet to speak to anybody who intends to stay away from their families at Christmas. Boris will make another statement tomorrow regarding Christmas arrangements, but let’s face it, who is going to listen?

At the moment I have 2 adults, 2 boys + tiny baby coming to see us on Christmas Day, and 2 adults and 2 teenagers on Boxing Day. Usually we would all gather together at some point, but this year the families have to be separated due to the Safe Six rule (okay, the tiny baby makes 7, but we can’t leave him on his own, poor little sod).

If Boris wants to curry favour with the population, then I think he should relax the rules for the Christmas week and let people mix. After all, who is going to enforce a possible ban? The Army? The Police? There are not enough of them to go around the whole country knocking on doors and pulling people out of front rooms and into the streets. Christmas is the time when families get together, and he should consider this.

If any family member does not want to mix, then it’s their choice. My 90 year old mother-in-law has chosen not to see anybody this year, and we’ve all respected her decision. Nobody can force their loved ones to meet up if they do not want to . We all have a free choice here.

So come on Boris… give us all a break from Covid for Christmas and let us meet up with our loved ones if we want to. Some of us will anyway, but others are waiting on tenterhooks for instructions.

Sam and I have been to work over the last few months, our grandchildren have been to school, and as regards the general population during this last lockdown, adhering to restrictions has not been as stringent as in the first one. We’ve all got Covid fatigue…

A week off hopefully might make people more inclined to follow rules in the New Year. A ban on households mixing over Christmas will make the peasants revolt…