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If you had unlimited money to start and maintain a business, what would it be?

My youngest son Marc is a talented guitarist, and was playing in bands from the age of 13. While the boys were still young they left it to me to contact local venues and get gigs for them or enter them into band competitions. I had quite a lot of success at finding places for them to play, and discovered that I quite enjoyed doing this. Sam would drive Marc and I to the gigs and he would also help load and unload Marc’s amplifier, guitars and speaker cabinet while I chatted to the other boys’ parents. The boys won many fans over time, and happy days were had by all.

When the boys got to around the age of 18 I became quite bold and started contacting venues further afield. I managed to get them gigs at The Junction and The Man on the Moon, both in Cambridge, and then some London gigs at The Ruskin Arms (where Iron Maiden started out), The Standard Music Venue at Walthamstow, The Hope & Anchor at Islington, and The Dome at Tuffnell Park, to name but a few.

When Marc learned to drive he took himself to gigs, and by then they were adults and arranged their own. They went on to support a reasonably well-known musician during his tour of Europe, and lived the dream on a tour bus for a month. Marc had a wonderful time, lost a stone in weight on that tour, had next to no sleep. He also realised that being a budding rock star isn’t all it’s cracked up to be after helping to haul all the gear into the trailer in the small hours of the morning (the roadies wouldn’t work for the support band!). After that he’d had enough and gave it all up to become a husband and father, and he now teaches his sons how to play the guitar instead.

So … if I had a lot of money, unlimited time and nothing else to do, I’d quite like to be the manager of an unknown band or two. The best bit would be seeing youngsters grow in confidence as they become more well known. I know it will probably not pay very well at the start and that’s why I’ll need the money, but it’s a lot of fun if you can put up with all the arguments regarding musical differences. I’d hopefully make a bob or two, but might have to dissuade manager-sharks who try to muscle if the bands become famous!

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