BeetleyPete’s blog post on conspiracy theories gave me food for thought. I must admit I don’t agree with Pete that man never landed on the moon, but hey, Pete has a right to say what he likes.

I’ve always had one theory of my own. Since 1997 I’ve not changed my mind in that I think there had been a contract put out on Princess Diana’s life and that she was murdered.

Since her TV interview where she had bared her soul, she had become an embarrassment to the Royal Family. She had obviously been used just to provide an heir and a spare, and in 1997 rumours were circulating that she was again pregnant, but this time with Dodi Fayed’s child. Photos had been taken of her wearing a swimsuit on Dodi’s yacht, and with a rounded abdomen. She was embalmed within hours of death, and I believe this was to wipe out any trace of pregnancy.

Of course there had been an inquest into her death, the result of which was that Diana and Dodi had been killed unlawfully due to the negligence of their driver. However, in 2013 a few Sunday papers published allegations that the military had been involved and that information had been passed to the police by an Army source. Strangely enough this information was never made public and no further investigations were ever made.

Somebody, somewhere knows more information about Diana’s death than was ever made public. I guess we’ll never know the full story, but I hope the person who does know can live with themselves.

Do you have a conspiracy theory?