Welcome to the last blog hop of 2020. The topic this week is:

Who’s the boss, you or the story?”

I’d say it was me. Without my thoughts any story would not get written. I give life to my characters, and make them do what I want them to do. George Frideric Handel stated that angels wrote ‘The Messiah‘ and used him as a conduit, and so maybe some kind of supernatural force was evident back in 1741 in order for him to have written such a wonderful oratorio in just one week. Who knows?

The majority of us are not blessed with visitations by angels. It all comes down to hard slog, concentration and a motivation to write. I’m a realist, and as far as I’m concerned I find it difficult to believe that characters might invent themselves and write their own stories down without any input from an author.

But hey, who am I to judge? I’d love an angel to come knocking on my keyboard. I’m sure we’d have a whale of a time!

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