Happy New Year! Today on Sunday Stills we are looking back at 2020, the year none of us want to repeat. I’ve added some photos of events during last year. We had our caravan to go to, which of course was a blessing, so we start 2020 off by moving all our stuff from the old van to the new one below and getting a side decking installed.

In February (and December!) there is torrential rain in our village.

After all the rain the pandemic hits in March, and the holiday site has to close. Here am I in the van’s kitchen on the last day before the site shuts down for 4 months.

Sam scrapes all the moss off the roof of our house in April for something to do. Here am I with son Leon up on the scaffolding.

What joy! Venues open again on 6th July. We go cycling in Thetford Forest just as soon as ever we can.

And then it’s back to the van on the Isle of Wight for some more cycling and hiking in the lovely summer weather.

We take our granddaughters to the van in mid-July. Here we are sitting on a seat at St. Helen’s beach.

We now have a 5th grandchild. Little Luca is born at the end of July.

We spend many happy hours on the Isle of Wight with various relatives and friends visiting us until the site closes again in November. After that it’s work, work, work until Christmas when our youngest son and his family visit us on Christmas Day. Luca has definitely got heavier!

Thank goodness we’re all still hale and hearty at the start of 2021!