I read this post on The Bloggler’s website regarding adverts/ searching the Internet for information, and strangely enough soon after I read it I had a call from my son. He mentioned that he and a work colleague were talking about dishwashers over a cup of tea at work (as you do), and that very soon, maybe a day or so after their conversation, an advert for a dishwasher appeared on my son’s Facebook page.

This to me is rather scary. Sam immediately looked up whether iPhones were listening to private conversations. One of the answers came back that Smartphones do pick up audio in your environment, but that it’s not the same as actively listening to conversations. However, another answer was that everything that is said may be recorded through your onboard microphone and that Smartphones routinely collect voice data, store it in a distant server, and use it for marketing purposes.

Miranda Knox of the Sun Online carried out an experiment in May 2019 where she kept her phone close and constantly talked about things she had never Googled before; business cards, spandex, and vegan food. She kept using Facebook and Instagram. Within days she had a never-ending stream of adverts targeted towards business cards, spandex and vegan food.

Big brother is not only watching you, he’s listening as well. Sam and I immediately turned off our microphones in the ‘Settings’ app. Neither of us realised that stuff like this goes on.

I carried on searching whether iPhones can secretly listen in to private conversations. Another answer is that according to The Sun, an orange warning dot will be visible in the top right hand corner of the screen if someone is listening in. The problem is, how does anybody know what is fake news or not?

Perhaps my ‘retro’ phone is the best one after all!