I was chatting to a friend recently regarding the current dire situation. We got talking about free school meals for children, and what a good thing Marcus Rashford has done for vulnerable children living in poverty. My friend mentioned however, that when a ‘struggling’ mother was interviewed last week on the 10pm News bulletin about the poor content of free lunch boxes, she opened up her fridge and it was full of gin.

Now, was this mother given the gin as a Christmas present, or is she not struggling at all and is milking the system for everything she can get? Unfortunately there are so many unscrupulous people about these days, and they grab anything free whether they need it or not. The furlough system was abused by some companies making fraudulent claims and then making their employees go in to work. It seems that often wherever there are free handouts, then there will be people taking advantage of someone else’s generosity.

Yes, the content of these lunch boxes was rather meagre. The company supplying them had been given £30 by the Government to supply 10 days’ food for each vulnerable child. However, one mother added up the cost of the food received, and reckoned it only cost a little more than £5 in her local supermarket. There was loaf of bread, a can of beans, some pre-sliced cheese, two bananas, two carrots, three apples, two potatoes, a tomato, two cake bars, three yoghurt drinks and a small bag of pasta. Even if it cost £10, what had the company supplying the food done with the other £20? Hmm…

Even in the hospital where I work a notice had to be put next to the free masks available at the main entrance. People were taking handfuls of masks instead of just one. Bottles of sanitiser went missing, showing that again there are selfish people thinking only of themselves.

Some of these ‘starving’ children I’ve seen on the BBC News are really quite well covered. If their mothers are grabbing anything free just for the sake of it, then they are stopping somebody else genuinely in need from taking advantage of the Government’s offer.