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Paul McAdam wakes up to find a mysterious woman in his bed, but has no memory of how she got there. Soon, Cat Taylor worms her way into his life and eventually moves into his flat. This arrangement suits Paul well — until he meets his ideal woman, Anita Fairfax.

Soon after, they find Cat dead in Paul’s apartment. Despite little evidence, the police suspect him of murder. Anita stands by her new husband, but doubt soon creeps in as his behavior becomes increasingly erratic.

Could Paul be responsible for the murder – or is there more to it than meets the eye?

Review on Amazon (5 stars) by ‘Blue Lady’:

I have read several books by author, Stevie Turner and I admit this is my favorite. I enjoyed the book for several reasons. First of all, I was unable to ‘guess’ the ending of the book. The plot twists and turns and the author’s portrayal of the characters prevents the reader from drawing conclusions as the story develops.

As with all of Turner’s books, the book is well written. This book grabbed my attention from the beginning and is a page turner through the end of the book.

The story line is very unusual and developed in a way to keep the reader guessing. Characters Paul, Cat and Anita are fascinating and I found myself empathizing with the three of them despite and probably because of their inherent weaknesses.

I highly recommend this book and believe that, based on how easily the book flows, its dynamic characters and unusual story-line, it will be hard for any reader to not enjoy this incredibly well written novel. – Blue Lady