Welcome to this week’s Open Book Blog Hop. Today the topic is:

‘Do you get story ideas that you know you’ll never write?’

I don’t often get inspiration, but when I do it’s rather annoying as the story goes around and around in my head and I have to write the thing down. The story I’m writing now demanded to be written, but when I’m done that’ll be it for a few months and I’ll take the summer off to enjoy my caravan (as long as Boris lets me).

I’ve had ideas for stories but because they would take a lot of research it kind of puts me off. I prefer to write ‘off the top of my head’ so to speak, and do only the minimal amount of research so that it’s my words on the page and not information I’ve gleaned from the internet. Yes I’ve done a little bit of research for my WIP, but hopefully the line between myself and Lord Google is seamless…

I did get a story idea for a futuristic world once, but even after a couple of chapters the result was crap. Sci-fi just isn’t me, and I’ve never gone back there. I often get a notion to write one of those 500 page family generational sagas, and maybe one day I will when I’ve got the time and I don’t need to go out to work anymore. However, I fear I might lose interest around page 200 and run out of things for the family to argue about!

It seems the favourite theme everywhere at the moment is ‘strong women’. Do I want to write a book about a strong woman? I did write one back in 2014 and it gained much attention. I think women are mentally stronger than men, but men have the upper hand when it comes to physical strength. I know I need to write another story about a woman who is mentally strong, but by the time I’ve written it readers might prefer something different. There was a glut of vampire novels a few years ago, and now we’ve moved on again and it’s strong women. Next year… who knows?

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