What usually happens is that newbie authors think they have written the next War and Peace, and are in a rush for the world to marvel at their expertise at creative writing. They don’t want to know or even admit they are are at the bottom of a steep learning curve, and therein lies the problem.

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In front of me were a newbie author and his first fiction manuscript. He was hesitant to speak as I welcomed him and then started asking a few questions.

Before he arrived in my office, I had quietly sat down and read the first three chapters to get a feel for his story and style of writing.

I knew it needed editing, but so do all books to some degree. The opening chapter had legs and moved me to the next, always a good sign. Could it move to the editing stage? My recommendation to him would be a yes, as was with the editor I would assign it to who had already done a pre-screening of the manuscript felt that it was ready to start formal editing.

The author was shocked that I could make that decision without reading all 100,000 words of his masterpieceā€¦

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