Chapter 8

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Through the glass door I can see around eighteen to twenty people sitting in chairs arranged in a horseshoe shape. A young woman whom I assume is Mike’s assistant sits at a table in one corner, talking to Mike and minding a cash box and a selection of books. I wave goodbye to Katie and Finn at the entrance to the function room before I wheel Kieran inside.

“Thanks for your help.  I think the session is about an hour and a half.”

“We’ll walk about outside and then wait in the car for you.”

I turn, open the door, and push the wheelchair through.  Kieran’s arms are flailing about like windmill sails, and all heads turn towards us.

“Hi.” I address my greeting to Mike and ignore the heads. “Shall I put Kieran on the end?”

Mike strides across to me and shakes my hand.

“Yes of course.  Glad you could come.” He looks down. “Hello Kieran.”

My son hoots and bellows as usual, and I can feel a definite disapproval emanating from the other people in the room.  I work on the assumption that my money is as good as theirs, and that Kieran has as much right to healing as anybody else. I keep my eyes on him and manoeuvre his chair to line up a safe distance from the last one on the row.  I sit down beside him and take both of his hands in mine.

“Shhh, Kieran.”

As usual, it makes no difference.  His hands snatch away from mine as soon as I relax my grip.  Mike turns on a CD player and soon a soothing sound of gentle waves crashing to the shore wafts through the speakers.  He walks to the middle of the horseshoe and gives a little cough.

“Good afternoon to you all.  Thank you for coming along to one of my healing sessions.  We’ll begin with a few moments of meditation, and then I’ll explain briefly what’s going to happen.”

I keep a firmer grasp on my son’s hands, and close my eyes in a vain effort to clear my head.  Kieran’s grunting is louder than the crashing waves, and makes meditation impossible.  I’m relieved when after a few minutes Mike walks over to us and carries on talking.

“Spiritual or psychic healing involves the transfer of healing energy, which many years ago I found I was able to channel into a recipient’s body.  I’m going to demonstrate contact healing today, and will start with Kieran here.  I’ll lay my hands on the top of his head for about five minutes.  I’ll then move along the line and do the same for each one of you.  You may feel the effect straight away, or it may be some time later.  Some of you may feel no effect, but do let me know if you experience any reaction at all.  Of course you are free to leave at any time.  However, if you do stay to the end, please see my assistant Rosie, who will take payments.”

Mike gently puts his hands down to rest on the thinning patch of hair on top of Kieran’s head.  Immediately the grunting reduces, but there is still strength in my son’s arms as he struggles to free himself from my grip. 

I am impressed.  I look up at Mike, but he has his eyes closed.  Kieran’s muscles suddenly relax, I move my hands away, and I am astounded to see that he has fallen asleep.  Many pairs of eyes silently witness the change in my son.  When Mike moves on to the next person, Kieran dozes and remains quiet. 

I watch for effects in the rest of Mike’s clients. Some of the faces flush bright red, and some seem to drift off into a similar slumber to Kieran.  The crashing waves become the only sound in the room, and I figure it would not be not too difficult to hear the proverbial pin drop.

After Mike finishes with the last client, he walks to the centre of the horseshoe again and this time his voice comes over as barely a whisper.

“We will finish this healing session with a few more minutes of meditation.  May God go with you in all you do.”

I check the wall clock. An hour and a half has gone by in a trice.  Kieran, now awake, sits still and quiet by my side.  I close my eyes and give thanks to the divine energy from being or beings unseen.


Mike comes over to me after I have queued up to pay.  Kieran is once again yelling and leaping about in his wheelchair.

“Even I noticed a change in him!”

I nod.

“Weird, isn’t it?  He never sleeps in the day usually.  He was the quietest I’ve ever known him to be.”

“Glad I could be of service.”  Mike chuckles.  “He’ll be welcome again anytime.”

“Thanks.”   I see Katie’s face through the glass door and give her a wave. “My daughter’s here now.  I’ll see you in Sainsbury’s on Monday.”

“I’ll be there.”

Katie opens the door and takes hold of the wheelchair.

“Hello Kieran.  How did it go, Mum?”

We walk out to the car and the words tumble out of me.

“Amazing, but quite eerie, really.  When the healer put his hands on Kieran, he relaxed and went to sleep.  He sat quietly for the whole session!”

“Really?”  Katie looks down at her brother. “He doesn’t seem any different.”

I shrug

“Not now, but you should have been there when he was having healing.”

“I will, next time.”

In the car park Finn lifts Kieran up as though he was feather-light.

“Hey, brother-in-law.” He gives me a wink. “You’d better not make any smells in my car.”

I laugh at Finn, who is about as down-to-earth as it’s possible to get.

“He’s been today, so you can relax.”

On the journey back home I muse on the afternoon’s events.  I have no idea why Kieran reacted the way he did, but there’s one thing I’m certain of… he’ll be having many more healing sessions even if I have to remortgage the house to pay for them!

Chapter 9 tomorrow…