Did you know that Wednesday 17th February is ‘Random Acts of Kindness Day’ in the UK? Even if you’re not in the UK you could spread some positivity today and make somebody smile, give a donation to charity, or you could even collect somebody’s medication who is self-isolating… the possibilities are endless.

I’ve already done my bit this morning. A woman I’ve often seen while walking around the village said hello as we approached each other from different directions. We started to chat, and in the end I had recommended my dentist to her as she was looking for a dentist who carries out sedation. She was overjoyed to have found just what she was looking for by stopping to pass the time of day with a relative stranger. She couldn’t thank me enough, and went on her way quite happily.

So… I’ll carry on with the kindness today. I shall give away FREE copies of my latest novel ‘Barren‘ on all Amazon sites just for today. You can find it on the link below:

I had an email from the General Manager at our caravan park this morning regarding Random Acts of Kindness Day. He told owners to look out for surprises in their inboxes. I look forward to seeing what’s in mine by the end of the day. Perhaps it will be a message to say that the site is now open (I live in hope)…

Image by John Hain from Pixabay