This BookFunnel sales promo which runs until the 22nd February is for humorous short reads (full books and also free samples) that are less than 25,000 words. You can find 12 such books/samples by clicking the link below, including a free sample of my novella ‘The Pilates Class’, which focuses on the lives and loves of a diverse section of the community all attending a Pilates exercise class for the first time.

Roger is a down-to-earth builder type, Judy is the harassed single mother of four teenage boys, and Thelma is a librarian who usually looks as though she’s been sitting on a wasps’ nest for most of her life. Neville is on the lookout for a woman (any woman will do), and Julian just wants to be young again. Edie is the wrong side of 70, and Roz is a size zero fitness queen.

These characters, together with one very overweight Alice, all meet up for the first time at their local Pilates class. Petra, the class instructor, has no idea what she has let herself in for!

Review (5 stars):

“I whizzed through this hilarious book in one sitting. The characters were engaging, likeable and a typical mish mash of what a Pilates class would contain. The individuals background stories were feasible and I identified with them all. The class itself brought back vivid memories of when i attempted Pilates years ago, especially trying to scoop belly button to the backbone & breathe normally . I was like Roger I’m afraid, he made me laugh the most. Funniest short read I have purchased in a very long time. Loved it.” – Joanne Price