Sam and I watched a film last night entitled ‘Black and Blue’. This starred Naomie Harris, who plays the part of Alicia West, a rookie police officer in New Orleans who volunteers to cover a colleague’s night shift. This entails her riding with a male police officer she has never met before. He stops off at a disused warehouse and tells Alicia to stay in the car. Alicia hears shots, goes to investigate, and captures video footage on her body cam of fellow police officers shooting an unarmed drug dealer.

Fair enough, but this is when it all starts to get a bit silly. Naomie Harris looks as though she weighs about 7 and a half stones. Apparently she had previously been in the Army and had completed a tour of Afghanistan (really?). When her presence is discovered, she manages to outrun many enraged police officers with machine guns and pistols desperate to wipe out her body cam evidence, and also her own body, come to that. She is hunted and shot, but still manages to leave a trail of bodies in her wake while running around a really dodgy neighbourhood and suffering a gunshot wound to the abdomen that she sticks together with super glue (really?).

Sam, being a bloke, was enthralled with all the action, as usually if he watches TV with me he’ll end up enduring The Horse Whisperer or Out of Africa. Things got so violent towards the end that I got bored of all the grunting and gunshots and left him to it, and decided it was time for me to wash my hair.

I’ve never seen such a load of tripe in my entire life. I know producers and authors have to show strong women, but hey, this was ridiculous. A virtual army of furiously grunting male police officers were falling at her feet, while she soldiered grimly on wearing a perpetual expression of alarm. I wouldn’t have minded much if Ms Harris had been built like a brick shit house and was as strong as a man, but to be honest she didn’t look as if she had the strength to knock the skin off a rice pudding.

It would be interesting to get a male point of view. How do modern men feel when they watch a film like this where one woman gets the upper hand? Do they feel emasculated, or are they safe in the knowledge that it’s a bit of escapism and no woman will ever be as strong as a man? I’m a realist, and to be honest no amount of escapism will ever change the fact that it’s women who are normally trampled over by men.

Strangely enough I am a feminist by the way, but the realist in me begs for somebody in the casting department to have picked a woman more stolidly built than the wispy Ms Harris! So… men… step up to the line and tell me what you think…