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Katie eyes my freshly-washed hair, eyeshadow, and short sleeved dress.

“You’ve made a bit of an effort tonight, Mum.  Bit of alright, is he?”

I feel my face redden, and busy myself getting Kieran comfortable in his wheelchair.

“I wouldn’t know.”  I reply.

“Hmm… I bet you do.”  Katie laughs. “What’s Mister Wonderful going to do to my brother tonight?”

The doorbell rings, and I quickly head to the front door.

“Watch and see.” I reply. “You’ll be amazed.”

My cheeks are still glowing as I greet Mike.

“Hi.  Come in.  We’re all ready for you.”

“Take these first.”  Mike hands over my shopping. “I completely forgot they were in my boot.”

I take the bags from him.  His hands are warm.

“Don’t worry.  So did I.”

I leave the bags in the hallway and Mike follows me to the front room, where Kieran sits in his wheelchair grunting and flailing his arms about.  Katie stands up.

“Hi.  I’m Katie.  You must be Mike.”

“Pleased to meet you Katie” Mike holds out his hand towards her. “I expect your mum’s told you what’s going to happen?”

Katie shrugs and grasps his fingers.

“Well, a bit, but I’d like to see it for myself.”

Mike looks down at Kieran.

“Hey Kieran, ready for some more healing?”

It’s a nice touch.  So many people totally ignore my son, but Mike is not doing this.  I can see Katie watching him with growing interest.

“Would you like a cup of tea or coffee before we start, Mike?”

“I’m fine, thanks. Let’s just get on with it.”

I wheel the chair over to Mike, who manoeuvres it so that he stands behind Kieran.  Katie and I sit down on the settee.

“Let’s begin with a few minutes of meditation.”

Mike closes his eyes, and I do the same.  Kieran grumbles away in the background, and I think of the bread in the shopping bags which needs to go in the freezer.  Katie nudges me with her elbow, and for a split second I want to giggle. 

“Lord, watch over this healing session, and bless Kieran with your light.”

I open my eyes.

“Amen.”  Says Katie.

As before, Mike lays his hands on the top of Kieran’s head.  My son’s arms stop still in his lap, and although his mouth opens and closes, no sound comes out.  His dark eyes stare right into mine, and I feel a tad uneasy.  Is he trying to tell me something? I hear Katie’s sharp intake of breath, but then she relaxes beside me as Kieran drops off to sleep.  Mike carries on for another five minutes or so, before taking his hands away from Kieran and closing his eyes.

“Lord, thank you for your help this evening.”

There is silence in the room apart from a ticking clock.  My son, helpless as he is, looks at peace.  I want to cry.  Mike opens his eyes and smiles at us.

“He takes to it so very well.”

I jump up from the settee and shake his hand, which is red hot.  A tingling feeling travels up my arm.

“Thank you a thousand times.  I don’t know how you do it, but all I can say is do come again!” I let go of his hand. “I’ll just go and get my cheque book.”

“No need for that.”  Mike shakes his head. “Just happy to help out my new friends. I’m lucky to be able to channel the healing energy from Spirit through my hands. I don’t want any payment from you. The sessions do make me a little tired though, so I’ll just be on my way.  I’ll message you when I can give Kieran some more time.”

Katie and I see Mike to the door. As he drives away and we walk back inside, my daughter looks at me incredulously.

“I have never seen anything like that!”

“He has a gift, that’s for sure.”  I reply. “Let’s get Kieran into bed.”

My son doesn’t even stir when he’s in the hoist.  When I wake up the next morning I realise I’ve had the first unbroken night’s sleep in 23 years.  There’s a message from Mike that I’d missed:

“Sorry I left so suddenly.  Sometimes I get really tired after a session, and I wanted to be able to drive home safely.  Anyway, hopefully see you at Sainsbury’s later on?”

I type a quick reply, stretch, then spring out of bed.  I feel about 20 years old again.

Chapter 11 on Wednesday …