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What does it take to impress you when you are reading someone else’s book?

Well, for a start the cover doesn’t interest me too much, and so we’ll skip to the content itself which is more important to me. A book needs to have a good blurb for me to want to check it out further. I’ll also look at any reviews there are.

If the blurb and reviews interest me and the price is right (I don’t usually pay more than £1.99/$2.99 for an ebook) then I’ll buy it. For me to keep turning the pages and give it a good review it needs to have a well thought out plot – a beginning, a middle and an end. I don’t want to be bogged down with too many characters, and I don’t want to trawl through hundreds of pages. The story needs to flow well and not contain too much description that is only there in order to bump up the word count. Typos should have already been edited out, and there should not be any spelling or grammar mistakes.

What also impresses me is a clever psychological thriller with a great twist at the end. This is one of my favourite genres, along with family dramas. I won’t be impressed if I’m faced with graphic/gory details of sex or violence or too many f bombs, which will probably make me either skip, skip, skip, or ditch the book altogether.

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