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Today it’s the turn of Friday Review Share to support Indie authors.  Please leave a link in the comments to a review you’ve had on Amazon or Goodreads for one of your own books.  A link to the review and a description of the book would be great (or the review itself if you like), because let’s face it, if people are interested in the book they will certainly check it out!

If you haven’t yet had any reviews for your books, then you can leave a review you’ve written for an Indie book that you’ve read and enjoyed. 

I’ll start the ball rolling with an excellent review I had recently for ‘Finding David‘ from Robbie Cheadle. I’m re-blogging the review and a link to Robbie’s post below, which also features her review for ‘Virtual Blues‘ by C.S Boyack:



When Karen and Mick Curtis attend a demonstration of clairvoyance for the first time, Karen is singled out by the medium, Rae Cordelle. Rae has a message from Karen’s son David, who passed over to the spirit world many years before. The message shocks Karen and sends her on a journey of discovery, rocking her previously happy relationship with second husband Mick, David’s stepfather.

Robbie’s Review:

This story is completely unique and unusual and left me thinking long and hard about my own ideas concerning spirits and the afterworld. After all, spirits are either good or bad, depending on their lives and the circumstances surrounding their deaths, aren’t they? They are not a little of each just like humans?

Karen, accompanied by her reluctant second husband, Mick, attends a spiritual meeting hosted by a famous clairvoyant, Rae Cordelle. Karen’s son, David, who died 15 years previously, when he was just 9 years old, appears and speaks to the clairvoyant. He has a message for his mother – a terrible message about who killed him all those years ago.

Mick is disbelieving of the entire matter but Karen has an urgent need to meet up with Rae and find out what David had to say about his murderer. The information Rae imparts turns Karen’s whole world upside down, and threatens to destroy here marriage.

I enjoyed the character of Rae Cordelle who was cool and collected throughout the book and also confident in her abilities as a medium. She competently guided firstly, Karen, and then Mick through her discussions with David. Rae was also able to deal with David’s internal emotional conflict when it became apparent, despite his status as a spirit.

I thought Mick was quite understanding of the entire situation and Karen’s confusion and emotional turmoil as a result of David’s accusation. I felt he dealt with the entire traumatic situation in a responsible way.

Karen was well portrayed as being a woman who has never recovered from the death of her only child 15 years previously. Her reactions and behavior were appropriate and resonated with me in the circumstances.

A good book and one I would recommend to people who enjoy a clever story with a paranormal element.

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