Thanks to Karen at The Magic of Stories for her great review of my Romance/Suspense story ‘A Marriage of Convenience’.  Just a little note – the story is around 50,500  words (and not 151 words as written).

Karen J. Mossman

Family life, mystery, romance, 151 words. eBook, paperback, audio book and in Kindle Unlimited

Pictures Telling Stories

The couple in the first picture are Gerrie and Sophie with their baby Junior. They were so happy then. The flashing blue lights of the police show that something goes horribly wrong in their lives. Gerrie is a musician and rock concerts play a big part in this story. Corcovado Hill in Brazil is where the statue of Jesus Christ is. This comes up at the end of the story, where they staying at a rock star’s home by the beach where there is a party with tension!

Karen’s Magic Review

I have been struggling of late and have been incredibly picky at what I want to read. I want shorter books and a cover and description that grabs me. It sounds easy, but it really isn’t. However, it got to the point…

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