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If you weren’t an author, what other art would you likely pursue?

I’ve always been musical, but have never really mastered an instrument. I had violin lessons as a young child, and when I left junior school my violin teacher gave up his lunch time once a week to come to my grammar school and teach me. I was the only child in the school having music lessons, and the kids would look in the window of the classroom and take the piss, which put me off big time. Now I’d happily stick a middle finger up at them, but at age 11 all I wanted to do was to fit in with everybody else. I gave the lessons up.

My parents bought me a guitar for my 13th birthday and I had a few guitar lessons, but found it hard on my wrists and fingers. Perhaps that’s why most guitarists are men? Anyway, I persevered and formed a little group with some school friends, but then we all discovered boys and the guitars went out of the window, so to speak…

Next came the piano lessons when my kids were a bit older. I passed the Grade IV exam, but gave it up after that as trying to sight-read Grade V music was rather difficult for me. By then I suppose I didn’t have the motivation to study at the same time as being a mother, running a home, and going out to work full time.

So… to answer the question, I would like to have been a musician. However, my youngest son has more musical talent in his little finger than I’ve ever had in both hands, and he doesn’t read a note of music. Like my mother could with the piano, he can just pick up a guitar and play any tune (with wailing solos for greater effect) that you care to name.

If not a musician, then I’d like to have been a professional dancer. I still enjoy dancing today (I can do a mean cha-cha) but in my younger days had never even thought of trying to make a living at it.

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