I’m re-blogging Tallis Steelyard’s (Jim Webster’s) poignant tribute to Sue Vincent today. Sue had over 19,000 followers on WordPress, and she faced the inevitability of death with much courage, even apologising a few weeks before she died for lingering on. She was a year younger than myself, and left this world too early. However, we must be happy for her that she is now free from pain and suffering. R.I.P Sue. x

Tallis Steelyard

There are times when a poet must make a stand and say, “This has happened without my cognisance and I will not accept it!” Today has not been the best of days. Today I got a note from a patron. Common enough, especially from her, as she was always quick to praise, swift to encourage. But today the note had a bitter flavour. She was sitting awaiting death. A week? Longer?

And what can a poet do? A poet can protest, a poet can stand tall and say firmly that this will not do. A poet can bang the table with his wine glass obvious of the fact it has shattered and the pieces lie glistening but incoherent, shards of dreams never now to be dreamt.

Others have known Sue for longer than I, others will doubtless feel the grief more keenly, will mourn longer, but my job as a…

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