It’s been a bit of a struggle trying to get an answer out of various members of the medical profession about whether or not I should have the second shot of vaccine. I had three weeks of a hot, red arm that was swollen and itchy, and in desperation I had to visit my GP who recommended an ice pack for 15 minutes out of every hour, plus a daily anti-histamine.

I duly applied the ice pack for the regulation 15 minutes per hour for 2 days, coupled with Loratadine anti-histamines, which eventually took the heat and redness out of my arm. The GP stated that he would have to report my reaction via the Yellow Card scheme, but when I asked him whether I should have the second dose, he was very evasive and said if he were in my shoes he would have to think very carefully.

I contacted the Occupational Health Department at the hospital where I work, and asked the resident nurse. The nurse said to contact my GP, as she was only a nurse and couldn’t make that decision. I informed her that my GP was loathe to decide either way as well, but maybe the OH doctor could phone me for a chat? The nurse replied that he was very busy with shielding patients, and that he could not contact me until the end of May. The date for my second dose is May 21st, and so thanks OH, but no thanks.

Undeterred, I tried to phone the Vaccination Hub at Ipswich Hospital where I had the first injection. Sadly each time I take my place in the queue I am (after press 1, press this, press that) eventually transferred to a rather ghostly ‘co-ordinator’, who never seems to be around to answer my call.

So I guess the buck stops with me, as the person at Ipswich I need to contact is infuriatingly evasive. Is the phantom co-ordinator permanently on their tea break or have they gone down with the Rona? Nobody I’ve spoken to so far wants to commit themselves and say yes or no, and therefore I realise the only person who can make that decision is myself.

I’m going to ask myself whether I should have the second dose. Perhaps I should have done that in the first place, as now I might get an answer at last.

I see this evasiveness more and more in everyday life. Politicians are very good at side-stepping the yes or no factor, and now the medical profession seems to be following the trend. Perhaps it’s from fear of litigation? It also often happens now that more than one person needs to make a decision, for instance on which interviewee to employ. No more can one person can take on such a responsibility, just in case they get blamed or sued for making the wrong decision maybe?

It seems that final decision making needs to go much further up the corporate ladder than it used to. The Adonis or boss’s son (definition of the Boss’s Son: when you reach the top of the corporate ladder the boss’s son is already there, but he hasn’t passed you on the ascent) sitting smug on the top rung leaves a message to press this, press that, press 1, press 2, press explode, and then buggers off to the golf course leaving a washing line of queries hanging high and dry for as long as they possibly can.

Addendum: And by the way, what answer did I give myself? Well, the jury’s still out on that one. I suppose another sore, hot arm is better than the Rona, but I’ve still got another couple of months to make up my mind. Anybody want to commit, lol?