I read this post by Pooja at Lifesfinewhine regarding 5 things she hates about blogging. I agree with Pooja in that I enjoy blogging because it gives me the freedom to express my thoughts, but there’s a downside to it all as well. Here’s 5 things that can take the joy out of blogging if you let them get to you (the first four are for authors, and the last one is from the perspective of a reader):

1. A Nagging Conscience:

Once you gain readers and start receiving likes and comments, your conscience might start nagging you to keep on posting blogs in case the readers get bored and move off to other sites.

This could create …

2. Pressure/Stress:

This is the untold pressure to keep on creating amazing content. Of course this is not always possible. Sometimes your mind might be just as blank as a new sheet of paper, but hey, your readers are waiting…

But are they? Well, in short… no. They’ll move off to other sites, but when they see a notification that you’ve posted amazing content, they’ll come back, lol. But if your blog might have been written in a hurry because you’re under pressure to produce, this may cause…

3. Not Many Likes or Comments:

So… bad luck. You can’t please all the people all the time, or maybe you might just have had an off day. However, this fear of your writing not being liked might cause you to churn out several unsatisfactory and rushed blogs in one day just to keep the stats rising, gain possible re-blogs, and therefore give the impression that all is well.

4. Stats:

Stats rise with good content, and fall when no blogs are published. So what? Readers will return when you post another blog. The trick is to stop worrying about falling stats, take a break for a day or so, and re-charge your batteries and gain inspiration for some more amazing content. This content, in my opinion, should definitely not contain the following…

5. Blogs that are too long and too many:

As a reader as well as a blogger, I’m put off and feel overwhelmed by bloggers who all suffer from the 4 problems above. My email account is full of WordPress notifications every day, sometimes hundreds of them, with a few names that can crop up many times in a 24 hour period. I don’t like to miss any blogs that I usually comment on, and so I prefer to receive notifications. However, if I go away for a few days there could be over a thousand notifications when I return!