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They’re making an action figure of you. Describe the toy and accessories. (Do you have a catch phrase? Favourite items, clothes, hair style?)

First of all the action figure would have lots of curly hair. Thankfully it’s a bit thinner now that I’m in my sixties, but when I was 17 I could have done a passable impression at a fancy dress party of King Charles II. I had glasses then but wouldn’t wear them all the time.

I have Lockdown hair at the moment, but tomorrow I shall get a haircut. I’ll ask for it to be short and layered, which tends to stop the frizz. It’ll also be dyed to a colour that’s a bit lighter than the natural dark brown it used to be in the photo below. I don’t wear make-up, and prefer the natural look.

Here I am below on Good Friday 2021 with aforesaid Lockdown hair and my newest grandson. I’ve got more sense now and keep my glasses on so that I can actually see.

More often than not I wear trousers, sweatshirts or tee-shirts, and trainers or ankle boots. Some of my clothes get given to me by my eldest granddaughter when she outgrows them, so I’m a groovy granny. Other times I like long bohemian-like tunics that go with leggings.

I hate handbags with a passion, and always carry a rucksack. In this way I have two free hands. If I wear a coat, there will be a little bottle of water in one of the pockets, as I have no working salivary glands. If it’s too hot for a coat, I’ll either carry the mini bottle of water or put it in the rucksack. Inside the rucksack you’ll find a phone, my purse, spare sunglasses just in case, loads of tissues for my watery right eye, a bigger bottle of water to pour into the little one when it’s empty, and my Kindle if I’m going on a long car journey. In the height of summer there will also be a little battery-operated fan in there.

If I see somebody I know I tend to say ‘How’s it going?’ to start a conversation. My friend of 45 years still remembers me shouting this up the stairs to her when I used to arrive at her house while she was upstairs getting ready for one of our discos.

Oh, and don’t forget my bike. I’m often cycling around the country lanes in Suffolk or disused railways on the Isle of Wight. I’m an active granny who loves to be outside. I tend to just blog in the summer, but write novels in the winter when it’s colder and more preferable to be indoors.

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