I watched the film ‘Nomadland‘ on Disney Plus over the weekend. I’d been wanting to watch it for ages, as Frances McDordormand is always in the kind of gritty roles that I find interesting and the film had earned many awards. I’d enjoyed ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing’, and as Sam connected the computer to the TV I relished a pleasant evening ahead.

I must admit I was rather disappointed. There was no story as such, so no cliffhangers, no twists, no plot, and no spoilers to keep to myself. There was just Frances in her role as Fern, a new widow travelling from camping site to camping site in her motorhome. I suppose to keep people wondering about what happened at the campsites and in-between campsites I’d better not say any more, although I will mention that if I was the kind of person who suffered from depression then I’m sure this film would have made me feel worse.

I’m not saying the acting was bad, it wasn’t. Frances acted the role of Fern very well, although at one point I’m not quite sure why we had to see her pooping in a bucket (a bit too ‘gritty’ for me). Weren’t there toilets on the camping site? Perhaps they were all closed because of the Rona, I don’t know. And why did we have to see a totally naked Fern floating on her back in the river? Were all her clothes in the wash? How come no naked men were floating face-up in the river to keep her company? Isn’t there supposed to be equality these days?

Anyway, poor old Fern had chosen a rather lonely life, driving long distances to meet up briefly with other transient people. There was a bit of singing around campfires to cheer the film up a bit, but then the camera panned to Fern standing outside her van in her nightie (thankfully she didn’t sleep in the nuddy) the next morning watching dolefully as her new-found friends all drove away. The film was a total anti-climax to the hype that had built up around it. Sam endured the film for a couple of hours, but even I could see that he was pleased when it finally came to an end.

How many stars shall I give it? Well, for a start five stars for Frances’ acting, but only one star for the ‘plot’. Therefore an average of three stars. Perhaps it’s me, but I just couldn’t see what all the hype has been about.

I’m at work today and so will answer any comments later, but I’d love to hear your views about this film. Has anybody else on WordPress watched it? Did you think it was the best film you’d ever seen?