Thanks to A Guy Called Bloke who has posed the questions below, and which I’ve had a stab at answering:

What are your top 5 favourite blog genres – the ones you enjoy reading the most?

I veer towards anything to do with writers’ tips and writing/marketing advice. I also like blogs about life experiences, anything to do with the body/health, ghosts/paranormal, and book reviews.

Have you ever experienced writer’s block and if so, what did you do to get yourself through it? If not, what do you do to avoid it?

Bonus Question – Do you believe ‘writer’s block’ is an actual thing?

Yes, I have experienced writer’s block, and yes it is an actual thing. I’m not one to have a long list of potential subjects to write about, whether it’s blogs or novels, and there’s often a big gap in-between my novels until the time comes when I can think of a good plot. One day out of the blue an idea will come to me for a blog or novel, maybe after visiting somewhere or watching/reading a news bulletin. Until then I don’t really worry about it, and just take each day as it comes. So what if I haven’t got anything to write about? I know that sooner or later I’ll be tapping away at my keyboard again.

Do you think colour psychology is an important part to the blogging journey? Does it play a big part in how your readers view a blog?

I like plain and pale colours on blog backgrounds, so that the words stand out. Patterns, lots of different, bold colours and glitter really put me off. I have been known to click out of blogs that are too gaudy and glittery.

How do you feel about Interview series and or Guest Writing opportunities on other blogs?

I used to publish author interviews on my website, but I don’t think readers were ever particularly interested in them, maybe because many of my readers are authors themselves. I’ve also been interviewed countless times, and I think readers might well be sick of the sight of me now! I’ve often advertised for guest writers, but so far have not been too successful. I suppose everyone is too busy thinking up topics for their own blogs. This is my problem too. I hardly ever write guest posts because it’s enough for me to think up stuff for this one!