Alexa and Siri sat on a desk

Brought together by fate.

“Oh, where are those keys?”

They heard Billy Moore state.

Alexa had no suggestion,

“Please repeat the question –

Is it correct?” 

Siri piped up…

“Here’s what I found on the net…

The Florida Keys are tropical islands,

Key Largo, Lower Keys, and Key West”

Billy Moore pulled open a drawer

“I know they were here!”

He was stressed.

“Have they fallen onto the floor?”

Billy got down on his knees.

“I’m listening” Alexa replied.

“What do you want, please?”

“Where did I leave them last?”

Billy’s grim expression was set

Siri piped up

“Here’s what I found on the net…

A last is a model of a foot

That is used

To repair shoes.”

“I know!” shouted Billy “Why don’t you put

A sock in it! I’m not amused!”

“Sorry, I’m sure.”

Siri sulked on the desk.

“What’s up?” said Alexa. “I’m listening…

Get it all off your chest.”

“The pair of you, shut up!”

Billy Moore rattled his keys.

“I’ve found them with no help from you.

You useless, infernal machines!”